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The EDGE Signature Facial | $75+

A perfectly customized skin treatment tailored to your skin needs. This facial includes a professional cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), and a face, neck and shoulder massage. It finishes with a prescribed mask and serum infusion. Lastly, we add multiple layers of hydration-rich products to nourish your skin.

Medibac Clearing Facial | $85+

An acne-clearing facial that deep cleanses, decongests and purifies. This facial includes all modalities to promote healing of inflamed skin and soothes skin issues. This facial is great for acne-prone skin or those experiencing hormonal breakouts.

Age Smart Facial | $85+

A supercharged antioxidant-rich facial that combats the effects of premature aging. Powerful vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids start off the treatment's exfoliation, resurfacing and re-texturizing your skin. The ultimate skin therapy packed with nutrients and peptides for mature or dull skin.

Ultra Calming Treatment Facial | $85+

A calming botanical-rich facial for the most sensitive skin types including rosacea and psoriasis. Treatment targets redness, itching, and irritation by using soothing and cooling ingredients and modalities.

Dermalogica Peel | $20+

Back Facial | $75+

Scalp and Upper Body Massage Add-On | $1 per minute



Dermasound™ Ultra Advanced 3-in-1 Skin Care Treatment | $125+

Treat yourself to a safe, state-of-the-art ultrasonic system that utilizes water with low frequency sound waves for superior skin care results. This non-invasive device uses cavitation, sonophoresis, and MicroAmp technology to significantly improve skin appearance. Treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles through exfoliation and penetration of hydration to the deepest layers of your skin. The skin is left nourished at the cellular level and has increased cell energy for younger-acting skin. This machine is amazing because it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and treats all skin types and conditions. Visible results from the first treatment guaranteed.

Dermaplaning Treatment | $60+

Treatment targeted at removing all dead skin cells along with superficial hair growth on face. Your skin will feel super smooth and have a radiant glow for weeks.

Customized Chemical Peel | $75+

A blend of powerful alpha and beta hydroxy acids safely remove dull outer layers of skin. This treatment regenerates skin health from inside out with little to no downtime. All resurfacing targets fine lines, deeper wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne or dull skin. Results from just one treatment are huge but for maximum results, a series of 3 treatments is recommended. Includes 48-72 hour post-recovery skin kit to ensure proper healing and protection.